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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some questions we tend to get asked!

Feel free to reach out with any that you may have.

Is Elevate an Umbrella School?

--- Elevate Enrichment is an enrichment program, not an Umbrella School. However, there are Umbrella Schools that we can recommend. 

What do your teachers use for curriculum?

--- At Elevate Enrichment, we strongly feel that one of the beautiful aspects of homeschooling is that parents can pick which curriculum and methods best suit their particular family. Along these lines, not every family is going to thrive in the same boxed curriculum. Because of this, our teachers closely look at the standards each grade level need to learn and pick our own materials to teach them. At Elevate, we are big believers in hands-on learning! We would rather teach through engaging activities than a stack of worksheets! 

How do I enroll my child in your enrichment classes?

--- To enroll in our program, you will need to complete an enrollment form (found on our website) and pay the registration fee. 

Do students have homework?

--- While we may have occasional, optional projects, we do not assign weekly homework. Our middle and high school classes may have reading or research to do at home before the next class period. 

Does my child's time at Elevate count toward his/her homeschooling hours?

--- Yes, your student's time with us counts toward homeschooling instruction. 

Is Elevate a religious-based or secular program?

--- When starting Elevate Enrichment, we asked a number of homeschooling parents what their needs were in their homeschooling journey. The majority of families told us that they already include their religious studies as part of their learning at home. While we do not use a religious-based curriculum, all of our teachers are believers and will not teach anything outside of their beliefs. 

Do you service students with special needs?

--- Elevate Enrichment does not have special education teachers/assistants like you would see in a typical public or private school classroom setting. However, we do have learners with a variety of needs that have excelled in our program. Please contact our director to see if our program would be a good fit for your child. 

Do you offer anything for preschoolers?

--- We love young learners! Our Elevate Explorers program is designed for kiddos ages 2 and up. It is a nature-based program that meets once a week. 

Can I enroll my child mid-year?

--- Yes, as long as we have a spot in the class, you may enroll at any time. 

Do you offer sibling discounts?

--- We do offer sibling discounts in our Elevate Explorers program. We do not offer sibling discounts for our elementary, middle or high school enrichment classes . 

Can my child participate in clubs or elective classes at Elevate if he/she is not enrolled in an enrichment class?

--- Yes! Any homeschooler, enrolled with us or not, is invited to join us for clubs and elective classes. We also have weekend classes and summer camps that anyone in the community - not just homeschoolers - can attend!

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